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A comprehensive coffee education platform delivering practical information, videos, and exams. Our mission is to make specialty coffee education easy and efficient for individual baristas and coffee shop owners.

Build a solid foundation

Be ready for everything before you ever step behind the bar.

Grow your knowledge

Understand everything that goes into a specialty coffee drink.

Be an outstanding barista

Get recognized for your hard work. Become a tangible part of your coffee shop's success.

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I learned so much from completing the online Barista course! All the information was applicable right away for the coffee company I work for!
Eunice C.


Courses Built to Address the Needs of Real Coffee Shops & Baristas

Our materials are created in direct response to questions real coffee shop owners and employees ask. We draw from real world experience owning, operating, and consulting for hundreds of coffee shops. We believe in helping businesses deliver better beverage quality unpretentiously. 

No Nonsense

Straightforward Curriculum

Our curriculum follows a simple path way to take anyone from novice to ready-to-work behind a bar. Starting with the basics, you’ll learn how to set up your workstation, pull shots, steam milk, pour latte art, and “talk coffee” with all of your customers. 

Lasting Value

Meaningful Certification

We see our tests as a way to measure progress, not to confuse you. They are there for you to internalize the information and come away from your online training with practical knowledge. Our certificate is not just a vanity thing, we want it to mean that a graduate has actually learned something and coffee shop owners can feel confident in that.

Cyndee Brown, Solid Rock Coffee Shop

"I opened a coffee shop 15 months ago and I can truly say I did not know anything about espresso. Latte, Cappuccino? Give me a Bunn and some ground Folgers and I can make a good cup of coffee but espresso? After learning all the modules through Online Barista Training, I put my new knowledge to work with my new shop and espresso machine. The course paid off! I now have the “Best of Espresso” shop in Sidney, MT. My client base increases daily because we do things right and we know how to tweak the grinder or machine for the perfect shot of espresso and how to apply that shot to an amazing drink. Customers keep coming back with their friends to let them taste a work of art! Thank you so much Online Barista Training!"

Take your next step in the coffee industry with Online Barista Training.

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The curriculum includes:

  • Barista Terminology
  • Espresso Preparation
  • Milk Steaming
  • Latte Art Training
  • Manual Coffee Brewing
  • Workstation Cleaning
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Coffee Origin Experience
  • Roasting Fundamentals


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