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It has come to our attention that scammers are using trade names to defraud individuals who have not otherwise interacted with the companies they purport to represent. 

The scam involves processing fraudulent transactions (typically less than a few dollars) on a consumer’s credit card in the name of a business which has no prior or continuing relationship to the scammer or the victim. 

Because these businesses (as is the case with ours) have had no interaction with the bad actors OR the individuals being targeted, there is no means for intervention. Like all of the businesses being impersonated, we have no record of these fraudulent transactions. To ensure maximum consumer safety, we have completed an internal systems audit and are certain that we have not experienced a security event. In addition, we have investigated each of the cases reported to us, individually, and in each case we found no record of interactions of any kind with those impacted, nor do we have awareness of or connection to the identity of the scammers responsible. 

If you believe you are the victim of a financial crime, please contact your banking institution and law enforcement as soon as possible. We have learned that this scam is growing in popularity and is likely to impact thousands of businesses and individuals. 

Please be careful!